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Founded in 1999, Impact Environmental Group has grown into a global environmental products and services business, providing a comprehensive suite of new and replacement products for waste containers, collection and compaction equipment, and waste transportation equipment. IEG brands include Roll-Tech, Midland Chutes, United Compaction Services, Deroche Canvas, Tarp Depot, Duraflex (US), Duraflex (UK), Taylor (UK) and UKCM (UK). IEG is headquartered in Elgin, Illinois with facilities located across the US and Europe.

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Elgin, IL (Headquarters)
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Midland Chutes
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Roll Tech

Hickory, NC
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Clare, MI

Belvidere, NJ

Jonesboro, AR

Atlanta, GA

Worcestershire, UK
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Chesterfield, UK


In 2019, Impact executed its first acquisition of Roll Tech Molding Products. As a supplier of Residential Cart Wheels to the Waste Haulers, Roll-Tech specializes in compression molded Rubber Cart Wheels made from recycled truck tires. This re-purposing of materials in their core product line made them a perfect fit for the IEG portfolio. In 2021, Impact had a series of acquisitions beginning with Northern Extrusion, a plastic sheet extruder. The addition of Northern Extrusion allowed us to control our supply chain for Impact’s core Lid category and create a closed loop process wherein Impact re-purposes plastic scrap that Northern Extrusion converts into new sheet for Lid production. In March of 2021, Impact acquired Midland Chutes. Midland designs and manufactures complete trash chute systems for high rise residential buildings. From access doors to chutes to sorters and compactors, Midland is a one-stop shop for Construction companies. The Midland Bi-Sorter and Tri-Sorters allows these large residential communities to have robust recycling and organics programs. In late 2021, Impact acquired Egbert Taylor, a UK based Bin manufacturing serving Europe and the Middle East. Taylor incentives their Customers to purchase their environmental-friendly products with their Taylor Green Awards program. Customers can accumulate points for purchases and eventually convert those into donations for local recycling and organics initiatives. In 2022, Impact acquired United Compaction Services, a nationwide provider of Compactor and Baler service. Our network of 3rd party repair technicians help us service national retail chains. United Compaction’s commitment to repair and not replace, extends the life of assets in the field and reduces the environmental impact of building new Compactors and Balers. In 2022, with 6 companies under ownership, Impact Environmental Group was formed to create cohesive connection between all of our portfolio companies and communicate the common thread of sustainability initiatives each company shares. Also in 2022, we appointed Chad Abrahamson as Chief Sustainability Officer. Chad spearheads our ESG program and champions operation improvements across the companies that reduce our collective carbon footprint. IEG publishes and annual ESG report.