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Founded in 1999, Impact Environmental Group has grown into a global environmental products and services business, providing a comprehensive suite of new and replacement products for waste containers, collection and compaction equipment, and waste transportation equipment. IEG brands include Roll-Tech, Midland Chutes, United Compaction Services, Deroche Canvas, Tarp Depot, Duraflex (US), Duraflex (UK), Taylor (UK) and UKCM (UK). IEG is headquartered in Elgin, Illinois with facilities located across the US and Europe. 

The cornerstone company of IEG, Impact has been a long time supplier of Container and Compactor repair parts to the Waste Industry since 1999. Headquartered in Elgin, IL, Impact has grown into a premier manufacturer of Container and Compactor Parts helping our Customers to ‘repair and not replace’ assets, reducing the environmental impact of new containers and compactors. Our proprietary products address challenges in recycling contamination, organics recycling and storm-water pollution.
Midland Chutes designs and manufactures complete refuse systems for high rise residential buildings from the end user access doors on each floor to the apartment style compactor on the ground floor. The Midland Bi-Sorter and Tri-Sorters give these large residential communities the opportunity to have robust recycling and organics programs with very little complexity for the end users.

United Compaction Services is a nationwide provider of Compactor and Baler service. Our network of repair technicians help us service national retail chains. United Compaction’s commitment to repair and not replace, extends the life of assets in the field and reduces the environmental impact of building new Compactors and Balers.

United Compaction
Roll Tech
Roll Tech

Based in Hickory, NC, Roll-Tech is a manufacturer of Residential Cart Parts, with their core line being Rubber Residential Cart Wheels made from recycled Truck tires. Roll-Tech uses approximately 13.6 million lbs of recycled truck tires annually that were destined for an incinerator. The wheels themselves help keep Residential Carts from tipping over in high winds creating unintended litter while reducing noise pollution with a silent roll on asphalt. Rubbers wheels are a more sustainable alternative to all-plastic wheels.

UK based Egbert Taylor Holdings is a leading provider of galvanized metal waste containers, refurbished waste containers, bin housings and associated parts & accessories. They own a significant container market share in the UK and the Middle East. Taylor incentivizes their Customers to purchase their environmental-friendly products with their Taylor Green Awards program. Customers can accumulate points for purchases and eventually convert those into donations for local recycling and organics initiatives.

Egbert Taylor
Based in Belvidere, NJ, Deroche Canvas manufactures Truck Tarps and Tarp Systems for long and short haul refuse trucks. Deroche Tarp Systems help keep refuse and recycling contained during transit and protects the contents from contamination.

In June of 2022, IEG acquired both the Container Components US and European operations. As the owner of the Duraflex brand, Container Components was an early pioneer of the plastic Container Lids at a time when steel Lids were still the norm. The US, Container Components has facilities in both Atlanta, GA and Jonesboro, AR. Besides additional regional distribution, Container Components adds both Blow-molding and Roto-molding capabilities to complement IEGs thermforming and injection molding operations. Container Components Europe is based in the UK and joins Egbert Taylor as the second European based IEG acquisition.

Acquired in August of 2023, UK Container Maintenance (UKCM) is the leading provider of waste bin repair and refurbishment in the UK. Over 26 years UKCM has saved its customers a massive £271 million with the repair & refurbishment of a notable 1.8 million waste & recycling containers.
Acquired in August of 2023. The Tarp Depot is a leading manufacturer and distributor of spill prevention containment systems, dewatering products, various transportation tarps, and related products to customers in the environmental services space.

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